Click to enlarge12 Award-winning Organic Chocolate Fusion Bars in Gift Box

One each of our Chocolate Fusion Bars packed in a beautiful Tea Room Gift Box, tied with ribbon.

Chocolate flavors include:

- Chamomile & Honey: Soothing White Chocolate Infused with a Calming Combination of Chamomile Tea & Wild Honey

- Bedouin's Mint: The Finest of Milk Chocolate Infused with a Soothing Medley of Mint Tea, Ginger & Orange Peel

- Jasmine: Heavenly Milk Chocolate Infused with Jasmine Green Tea & a Touch of Tangerine Essence

- Black Masala Chai: Decadent Milk Chocolate Infused with a Warm Blend of Black Tea, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Pepper & Other Spices

- Honeybush Caramel: Exquisite Milk Chocolate Infused with a Honeybush Tea of Mildly Sweet Caramel & Honey Undertones

- Pina Colada: Indulgent Milk Chocolate Infused with a Tropical Fruit Tea Blend of Pineapple, Banana, Mango & Other Island Fruits

- Red Raspberry Rooibos: Rich 60% Dark Chocolate Delicately Infused with Raspberry Rooibos Tea

- Green Earl Grey: Gourmet 60% Dark Chocolate Infused with a Refined Blend of Bergamot & Green Tea

- Mayan Pepper Chai: A Tongue-Tingling Fusion of 60% Premier Dark Chocolate, Chai Spices & Mayan Chili Pepper

- Almond Caramel: 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate Delicately Infused with Almond and Caramel Essence and a hint of Sea Salt

- Mate & Cacao Nibs: Velvety Smooth 72% Extra Dark Chocolate Perfectly Infused with Yerba Mate Tea & Cacao Nibs

- Midnight Mocha: A Shadowy Blend of Dark Flavors: Premium Arabica Espresso & 72% Extra Dark Chocolate

Hand-crafted in the San Francisco Bay are using only the finest organic chocolate. 12 x 1.8oz (51g)

You may choose your own flavors, call us with your preference at 1-510-567-8868

Certified organic by: Organic Certifiers.

During summer months (May-September) chocolate orders are shipped via 2nd day Fedex only i.e. 2nd Fedex shipping charges apply.

12 Organic Chocolate Bars in Gift Box