Click to enlargeEight of our Award-wining Chocolate Bars packed in a 
Luxurious Lacquered Wooden Box with Matching Lid

One each of our Tea-Infused Chocolate Bars packed in this incredible hand-made lacquered wooden box, tied with a ribbon. This box is specially made for The Tea Room. A gift for all ages and a keep-sake for ever.

Chocolate flavors include:

- Chamomile & Honey: Relaxing blend of premium white chocolate, Chamomile Blossoms and Wild Honey combine to create a calming eating experience

- Bedouin's Mint: Soothing medley of Herbal Tea with Nana Mint, Peppermint, Ginger and Orange Peel, infused into the finest of milk chocolate

- Jasmine: Chinese Jasmine Green Tea, Tangerine Essence and milk chocolate combine to create this unique flowery chocolate blend

- Black Masala Chai: Translated in Hindi to "Spiced Tea", Masala Chai relies on a marriage between black tea & an assortment of spices to achieve its taste. A medley of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, star anis offset the black tea's strength to achieve a balanced & extraordinary flavor. From tea leaf to cacao bean & many ingredients in-between: this snack is full of antioxidants! That's right! A healthy snack that hovers between sweetness and spice

- Honeybush Caramel: Gourmet milk chocolate infused with a Honeybush Caramel Tea, similar to a Rooibos Tea in appearance, yet slightly sweeter in taste

- Red Raspberry Rooibos: Undeniably raspberry, this Red Raspberry Rooibos Tea is infused into a dark chocolate of 60% cacao for a completely refined raspberry flavor

- Green Earl Grey: Citrus undertones from the Earl Grey's Bergamot Oil, this 60% dark chocolate bar has a sophisticated flavor profile that naturally works

- Mate & Cacao Nibs: Our highest cacao content, this chocolate bar of 72% cacao is infused with an Argentinian Yerba Mate Tea blend and Cacao Nibs from Equador

Hand-crafted in the San Francisco Bay Area-California using the only finest ingredients! 8 x 1.8oz (51g)

You may choose your own flavors, call us with your preference at 1-510-567-8868.

Certified organic by: Organic Certifiers.

During summer months (May-September) chocolate orders are shipped via 2nd day Fedex only i.e. 2nd Fedex shipping charges apply.

8 Chocolate Bars in Luxurious Lacquered Wooden Box
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