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Heinz Rimann leads a small group of artisans who apply precise techniques; infusing organic chocolate with fine organic loose tea & spices from around the globe. They adamantly seek innovative ways to balance the nuanced flavors of chocolate, tea, spices and other natural ingredients.

Heinz’s passion for flavor began during his childhood in Switzerland when he accompanied his mother to local farm-stands. He was intrigued by his mother’s cooking and stunned by everyday food. When introduced to global cuisines, however, his curiosities were intensified.

After years spent managing high-profile five-star hotels, Heinz opened a tea room in Los Angeles. The idea of tea-infused chocolates came naturally to Heinz. Growing up in the culturally steeped tradition of Switzerland gave him a unique advantage – one that led him to connect the flavors of tea with the chocolate he loved from childhood.

Heinz Rimann loves flavor, but more than that, he loves sharing flavor with people. The Tea Room is, ultimately, his way of gifting his passion to the world. The Tea Room Production Associates share this vision, and remain steadfast in their commitment to producing fine quality, unique flavor infusions for chocolate lovers world-wide.

Sweet regards,

Heinz & The Tea Room Chocolatier Team