Click to enlargeDark Chocolate Bar Infused with a Mayan Pepper Chai, Organic, 60% Cacao. "Selection Innovation Award SIAL 2012 Paris"

A tongue-tingling fusion of premier dark chocolate, of 60% cacao, Black Tea, Chai Spices & Mayan Chili Peppers.

Ingredients: Unsweetened organic chocolate, organic cane sugar, organic cacao fat, organic black masala chai tea, organic chile pepper, organic black & white pepper. May contain traces of peanuts and/or other tree nuts, organic vanilla extract, soy, dairy and spices.

Hand-crafted in San Leandro-California using the finest organic European chocolate and other organic ingredients from around the world. 1.8oz (51g) bar, 60% cacao contents.

Certified organic by: Organic Certifiers.

During summer months (June-September) chocolate orders are shipped via 2nd day Fedex only i.e. 2nd Fedex shipping charges apply.

Recent customer comment: ":I am a dark chocolate/pepper fanatic, and am always on the hunt for delicious and (reasonably) healthy chocolate. Let me just say that I cannot stress enough how incredibly delicious the Mayan Pepper Chai bar was - smooth yet very deep and complex flavor. I also really liked the Extra Dark w/Arabica Espresso blend, as well as the Jasmine, Green Earl Grey, and Piņa Colada. Eating this chocolate is a lot like listening to Led Zeppelin - a full sensory experience." Marcella M.T.

"This chocolate is the perfect blend of spices and heat ,,,a favorite." Carrie L.

60% Dark Chocolate Bar Infused with Mayan Pepper Chai. "Selection Innovation Award SIAL 2012 Paris"
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Click to enlargeMayan Pepper Chai Black Tea, OrganicSimilar to our Masala Chai Tea, we use a broken Assam and Java black tea enriched with assorted Fine Indian Spices such as Cardamom, Cinnamon, Black & White Pepper, Clove and add Cayenne for that extra "kick". 3oz in metal tin

Mayan Pepper Chai Black Tea, Organic