Click to enlargeOrganic Trufflies (Mini Truffles), easily made with The Tea Room Chocolate Bars


For the Trufflies (called “Ganache”):

- 300g/10.8oz Chocolate Drops or 6 The Tea Room Chocolate Bars

- 120g/4.2oz Heavy Whipping Cream

- 38g/1.3oz Sweet Butter

For Dusting:

- Chamomile or Chai Trufflies: Use sieved powder sugar

- Milk Trufflies: Use ˝ powder sugar, ˝ chocolate powder, mix well then sieve

- For 58% Dark Trufflies: Use ˝ powder sugar, ˝ cocoa powder, mix well then sieve

- For 72% Extra Dark “Mate & Nibs” Trufflies: Use sieved cocoa powder only

Utensils required:

- Small Sauce Pan

- Small Whisk

- Stainless Steel Bowl

- Spatula

- Piping Bag

- Small Sieve

- Knife

- Grease Proof or Baking Paper


- If you use chocolate bars instead of drops, break them into about 1"x1" pieces, put in stainless bowl

- Put cream into sauce pan and bring to a boil

- When slightly boiling, add butter, whisk briskly until all butter is melted, keep on whisking for about 2 minutes

- Add cream/butter mixture to the broken chocolate pieces

- Mix mass with spatula until well blended et voila, your ganache is almost ready for piping

- Put ganache in fridge until it starts to firm up, check every 10 minutes or and move mass with spatula

- Once the ganache is firm enough to pipe (not too liquid), put ganache with spatula in piping bag, cut the end to make about a ˝ inch whole, pipe ganache on grease proof paper in straight line

- Let ganache “stripes” rest for about 2 hours at room temperature, then cut into ˝ to 1 inch pieces

- Make a round ball by pushing the piece between index finger and thumb

- Put pieces in powder sugar mixture or cocoa and coat. Your trufflies are now ready to be enjoyed

If not consumed immediately, they can be put in an air-tight container in the fridge for up to a week.

It is not recommended to use a mixer instead of a whisk

A video will soon be posted on YouTube